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CBEC Tokyo 2020 Olympics Special Lesson(one point lesson) Oct.2013

CBEC Super Summer Lesson

Nouns which can be used as verbs. 最近よく使われる言い回しです。

●Text me ! = 携帯にメールして!
Can you text me your phone number?

●Friend me!=友達リストにいれて!
Hey, Bob, friend me (on facebook ).

●FedEx (米国の宅配運送会社の通称) =Federal Express(express parcel delivery)
Fedex the package ASAP.


2013年4月のワンポイント英会話レッスン(2013) CBEC Story  April ’13

今月はspring を使ったidiom を紹介します。

Hope springs eternal Hope springs eternal in the human breast. 諺)

no spring chicken She is no spring chicken.

Spring into action Every morning, I jump out of bed and spring into action.
このように、springには「春」という意味のほか泉、(泉のように)湧く、(バネのように) 跳びはねるなどの意味がありますね。

2013年3月のワンポイント英会話レッスン(2013) CBEC Story  March ’13

今回は、3/14のWhite Day にちなんで、
”Color White Idioms” をご紹介いたします。

a white lie
Meaning:  a harmless or small lie told to be polite or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
Sample Sentence: He told a white lie when his father asked where he was going.

a white elephant
Meaning: a useless, an unwanted possession that often costs money to maintain
Sample Sentence: That expensive gift turned out to be a white elephant. We didn’t have any use for it, and we couldn’t sell it either.

as white as a ghost
Meaning:  very pale because of shock, fear and illness
Sample Sentence:  The thief was as white as a ghost when a policeman came near him.

2013年1月のワンポイント英会話レッスン(2013) CBEC Story  Jan ’13

【Happy New Year Lesson 】
from CBEC 2013 Year of the Snake

1. A snake in the grass = a sneaky and despised person.
He is such a snake in the grass.

2. Snake along = to move along in a curving line looking a snake.
The train snaked along, gaining speed as it went downhill.

3. Like fighting snakes = chaotic, challenging
Arguing with you is like fighting snakes.

8月のワンポイント英会話レッスン(2012) CBEC Story  Aug ’12

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