25th anniversary!


the 25th anniversary!

Dear CBEC students and staff
Over a quarter century ago in 1994 BEC first opened its doors in Fujisawa then later a branch aimed at families in Tsujido. In 2003 I bought Tsujido school and renamed it CBEC.
Almost 700 students have passed through our doors from 1994-2019, along with numerous teachers and staff.
 This anniversary we’d like to salute all of you who make CBEC possible. So many people helped the school survive and thrive for 25 years I want to say thank you to every single person who has come and gone, but the biggest thank you goes to the staff and students who are with me now.
Please come to our 25th Anniversary Party to celebrate and help build a bigger and better California Bear English Club.

Todd R. Lenkowski


今までの生徒さん、現在の生徒さん Todd先生 友達のみなさんへ





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